A nuanced, critical, & honest exploration of science, ethics, and policy, and how these all intersect to shape society

AbouT Sarina:

Sarina Farb is a Midwest-based science educator, speaker, and vegan advocate, who is working to create a peaceful, just, and sustainable world for all beings.

Sarina is the co-founder of the Climate Diet Solution, co-host of the 2020 Climate Diet Summit, creator of the YouTube channel and website Born Vegan, and she also serves on the advisory committee for the Plant Based Network.

As a biochemistry major, and former high school science teacher, Sarina is passionate about bringing true critical thinking, nuance, and ethics, into conversations about science. She stands against censorship and corporate bias, and for always questioning everything, empowering independent thinking, and applying a holistic and nuanced approach to our use of science in society.

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